About Dv3Displays

We are your number one source for detailed reviews on the newest action movies. We review movies with some of the world’s┬átop actors like Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Will Smith, Samuel Jackson etc.

At dv3displays, we love movies especially when they include punching, kicking, body slamming, shooting and huge explosions resulting in severe injuries and damage to the bad guys.

When it comes to sitting down and enjoying some buttery popcorn with some friends and family, we don’t settle for empty emotional sagas and soppy love stories. We want to see fast, furious, suspenseful, shocking, brilliantly violent action.

By now you most likely think this is a guy who wrote this. You would be correct. But it’s not just us guys who love the wild adventure scenes and rough fighting clips. There are plenty of woman who highly prefer the action over the romance too.

Don’t get me wrong, the romance has it’s place too, and every once in awhile I can get into a well thought out production of mushy love scenes, but it’s just not what I prefer.

Then there’s comedy, which is probably my second favorite genre of movies. Everyone loves to laugh, after all it’s healthy to sit back and release a loud, long, bellowing laugh. It helps ease some tension that may have built in us throughout the day.

But for the sake of this website, and our immediate intentions. Let’s stick with the action! Speaking of which, let’s watch this quick clip below from one of my favorite martial arts movies of all time.

IP Man.