Do you like action?

Do you like action movies? Do enjoy watching explosions, shooting, martial arts, and daring feats all done on the big screen? Do you love seeing raw action scenes at the movie theater? Do you love snuggling up with your love while you both share a bucket of movie popcorn and watch people shoot at each other on film?

Ok.. Ok… Ok…. I know I may be running these questions into the ground. Of course you love these things! You don’t want to see the slow, steady, lovey dovey romance films. You won’t even settle for the knee slapping, hilarious comedy movies. You want the down right thrilling, suspense of the rated R action!

But then… sometimes you are let down by a bitter disappointment. You heard about all of the hype behind a particular action movie. All of your friends told you they heard, through the grapevine this new movie was absolutely epic! So you and all of your closest friends get together and plan a night out to the movies.

You spare 3-5 hours of your precious time to go see this new epic action packed movie that everyone’s talking about and… it turns out to suck!

Well sometimes not everyone sees eye to eye on things and not everybody is  a good movie critique. That’s where we come in. covers all of the latest and greatest (and not so great) movies of all times.

From the rough hand to hand combat, to the shooting and ground shaking explosions and the skillful street racing, we know what it takes to qualify as a classic action movie that has the potential to break box office records and wow every last viewer.

So don’t chance wasting your hard earned money and your valuable time on a haphazard movie selection by your eager friends. Remember not all minds think alike. Only great minds think alike!

So the next time you want your fill of action packed adventure, come here first for your certified super official action movie review before you do anything else!

In the mean time… which one of these is your favorite film? Comment below!